2014 Design–Development

Design Week


On-going collaboration since 2012.

2014 Development

The Tweed Project


The Tweed Project create handmade, one off pieces that combine beautiful Irish fabrics with modern tailoring for a truly authentic expression of Irish design. Online shop–Responsive–CMS. Design by studiomakeitwork.

2014 Design–Development

Plan Ireland


Plan Ireland is a child-centred community development organisation, part of Plan International which itself was founded over 76 years ago. Online Donations–Responsive–Fully Customised CMS. Design by Unthink

2014 Development

Artist Photo Books


Artist Photo Books is a specialist publisher, based in Dublin, committed to producing high-quality photography books. Working closely with photographers, designers and printers our aim is to produce challenging and thought-provoking books that explore the world through the medium of photography. Design by Unthink


The Filthy Club


Taking inspiration from the gritty underbelly of the weird and wonderful, Filthy Club makes nods to psychedelia and the roots of rave culture and strives to work with the most relevant creatives and opinion makers to produce interesting, well made product for the people. Design by James Cullen.

2013 Development

The Salvage Press


The Salvage Press is devoted to preserving, promoting and pursuing excellence in design, typography & letterpress printing. It is the name under which artist & designer Jamie Murphy produces his letterpress printed books and broadsides. Design by Jamie Murphy


One Off


Bespoke furniture designers based in Dublin. Portfolio–Online Shop–Responsive–CMS.


Fastnet Films


Fastnet Films is the production company of Macdara Kelleher, Morgan Bushe & Director Lance Daly. Fastnet has produced and co-produced feature films and drama series for domestic and international markets. Design by Unthink

2013 Design

Black Dot


Black Dot is the new project from Channel One drummer Richie Bohan.




An independent Dublin based store, offering an evolving collection of carefully curated objects, furniture and wares for the home and everyday life. Art Direction & Design by Unthink

2011 Design

Imagine Ireland


Imagine Ireland was a year of Irish arts in America presented by Culture Ireland. Presenting over 1000 events in 40 states, across a wide array of artforms and work, from the traditional to the very contemporary.

2010 Design

Direct, Guide & Show


A prototype wayfinding system for Dublin City. Encourage users to explore and investigate what the city has to offer. The system will tackle the problem of poor wayfinding in the city at present, expand the city centre – connect areas of regeneration and ultimately improve the user experience of Dublin. The core objective is to present a functional wayfinding system that will enhance the user experience of the city, through a range of on-street signage products and maps.

2009 Design-Concept



The main concept was to create different formats for each publication, that would be unique to each director. I wanted the series to be an exciting experience. Storing the series in a box, that you cannot see inside, adds a certain interest to what is actually inside the box. This would engage and draw the buyer to the product. I liked the sense of randomness and discovery, and I felt the audience will engage in this when opening the box for the first time, having to pick up the various publications to reveal the rest of the contents.

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